Services include am/pm feeding, hay, water top offs, fly spray application, blankets put on and taken off, turn in and turn out, stalls cleaned, check over the animal, text and photos to the owner. You can add a lunch time check in as well! $25 per visit for up to 3 animals plus $8 per stall cleaning. Totally customizable based upon your needs. Discounts for large facilities and regular clients. 

    We love all creatures big and small and have many dog owners as well who enjoy our pet sitting services. Not only can we take care of the house pets, but we can also tend to the barn animals and handle the tough work! 


​*We also have a stall available & weekend/vacation arrangements can be made to accommodate a single horse or small animals.  Just send me an email with your need & I'll provide a customized quote.

Packages Available

Rachel Stevens
Cell: 603-923-2359

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Services Offered

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The Check In

Afternoon check to top off water,

provide hay and reapply fly spray.

Swap blankets

​New horse or expectant mare?  The "Check In" can put your mind to ease!

The Switcheroo

Swapping out, adding or removing blankets/sheets.
Nothing like an incorrect forecast and you are at work or at the show & can't get home....

The Vacation / Away Service

A short term home away from home for your horse or small animals?  Going on vacation or out of state show? 
Please email me for custom quote

The Sleep Over at Nanny's (Short Term)

Going away for the weekend and need someone to look after your horse, goats, minis, etc.?
I can help! 

(owner supplies grain, supplements, treats and hay)