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Services Offered

     Farm services include am/pm feeding, hay, water top offs, fly spray application, medications, blanket changes, turn in and turn out, stall cleaning, check over the animal, and text and photos to the owner. You can add a lunch time check in as well! $25 per visit for up to 3 animals plus $8 per stall cleaning. Totally customizable based upon your needs! Discounts for large facilities and weekly repeat clients. 

    We love all creatures big and small and have many dog and small animal owners who enjoy our pet sitting services. Not only can we take care of the house pets, but we can also tend to the barn animals and handle the tough work! We also have our prized "Barn Manny," who is a talented handyman and farm helper when heavy lifting is needed.


Running the Farm - We do everything involved in running your farm for you, from the inside pets, house sitting, plant watering, to milking the goats, handling the horses, cleaning the barn, accepting hay deliveries and stocking grain and bedding. We are YOU when you can't be there. As a reminder, all Barn Nannys and Farmhands are are fully supervised, insured and bonded. We will come for not only a Meet & Greet, but also training sessions and to work alongside you until you are comfortable prior to the services. This is a custom quote package and an excellent solution for our larger facilities.

Daily Visits - We will visit your property up to three times per day to take care of everything needed while you are away. The perfect solution for you while on vacation, attending an all day event, working long hours, or simply needing some down time. Base price is $25 for up to 3 animals, $10 additional per additional animal and/or type of animal (ie; flock of chickens = 1 animal), $8 per stall cleaned, a trip fee may apply. These services are totally customizable and can be worked out during our meet & greet based on your needs.

Dog Walking - We LOVE taking care of your dogs and letting them out for a break, feeding and watering. Play sessions, etc. Our clients love having this alternative to a boarding kennel. We can visit up to 3 times per day!

Farm Family Membership - Worried about the day when an emergency calls you away suddenly? Who will bring in the horses or make sure things are ok? Join the Barn Nanny Family and have us set up your Farm File. We will visit you once a year to get updated information and will keep your file up to date to give you peace of mind and the knowledge that we will have your back when you need it most.  Farm Family Members always receive priority booking and GUARANTEED service. $150/year annual membership in addition to cost of service.

Boarding with Barn Nanny - We have 5 lovely interior coops PERFECT for your beloved chickens or rabbits to get them out of the cold during the Winter. These coops are located on the 2nd floor of our large renovated barn, complete with a pellet stove below to help combat drafts. We will even collect your chicken eggs for you and put them in the barn refrigerator for pick up :) Interior coop rental is $50/month, owner supplies or pays for food and bedding which we can also obtain. Barn Nanny Farm also has 5 unheated outdoor coops available! Coming Spring 2020 we plan to offer boarding for other farm animals and horses as well. If needed sooner, by all means reach out! Our home is humble, but our hearts are huge!