Draft Gratitude - Winchester, NH


We took a field trip to visit the owner of Draft Gratitude and to hand deliver a donation check for $125 that was raised from the raffles of the last 2 events. 

What an amazing experience!

​​Lebanon, ME Town Festival


​This was another amazing opportunity to meet more wonderful people!

​Nichole Stacey was the lucky winner of the raffle at the Lebanon Town Festival!

Past Events

Kayla Colwell
Cell: 207-432-4258

Insured & Bonded

​​​​NBARH Show - Barrington, NH


​This was my first event as a vendor and I was very pleased with the turn out!  I met a lot of wonderful people and wanted to thank everyone that participated in the raffle to benefit Draft Gratitude, which is a draft rescue in Winchester, NH

​Tammy Grue was the lucky winner of the raffle at the NBARH Show!