Poco is a 15.3 hand, 19 year old Quarterhorse who competes at local schooling shows in elementary eventing and dressage. He was one of my very first lesson horses that my parents bought for me and he helped me adjust to civilian life after my years of overseas service. I owe this special guy a lot and I'm grateful everyday for everything he has given me. He has taught many lovely young riders the ropes  as a steady lesson horse, and is a real testament to the versatility and reliability of a Quarterhorse.

Rachel Stevens
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     I have always had a deep love for animals which carried over into my adult life and equestrian journey. I grew up in Stratham, NH and was a vet tech for years before joining the Air Force. I spent some wonderful years overseas before returing home to finally put down roots and begin my farming life. I live on a wonderful little farm in Acton with my talented husband and step-daughter. We are renovating the barn and land and hope to build our dream home here in the future.

     I own three wonderful horses (see below for their individual stories), 3 cats, 30 chickens, 2 bunnies and a ghecko (I'm not sure how the ghecko happened!). I ride regularly and am actively pursuing eventing and dressage goals under the guidance of excellent trainers and a network of fantastic equestrians in the area. I believe in listening to the horse, patience and achieving a mutual respect and harmony. 

     I purchased Barn Nanny in September 2019 because as a client and farm owner I recognized the value in having this continued service available in our area. I take incredible pride and care in being able to continue to offer the Barn Nanny experience and welcome clients into the folds of our friendly family.  

Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have.

Thank you and Happy Riding!



Angel is a 15.1 hand, older Quarterhorse that I saw online on a rescue website in January 2019. He suffered from horrible neglect and was on his way toward a terrible end. I just couldn't let that happen and bought him sight unseen with my credit card that night to have him pulled and placed into a safe quarantine in PA. He needed immediate vet care and stitches for an eye injury and was 250 pounds underweight. He finally arrived home on March 11, 2019 in the middle of a frigid winter's night and he was still in very rough shape. His skin condition and teeth were terrible and he was skin and bones with intermittent hind fetlock lameness. Having the opportunity to rehabilitate a horse has been such an enriching experience for our family.

Arthur is an 17.2 hand, 10 year old Irish Sport Horse that I purchased in June of 2017. He is an incredibly gifted horse full of potential and character. He has challenged me and taught me so much about riding. We have done elementary level eventing and are currently focused on improving our dressage scores for the 2020 competition season. I have big dreams for us! Photo Credit Shawn Tinkham Photography, used with permission.